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Randy Stith, Ph.D., CEO and Executive Director
Randy has led the strong growth of the Center as Executive Director since 1978.  Under his leadership, the Center has grown from one small center with a handful of staff to seven large centers and over 400 staff.  He has received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the National Council of Community Behavioral Healthcare and from the Rocky Mountain Council of Community Mental Health Center.  Randy's specialty is in child and family counseling since receiving his Ph.D. from St. Louis University.  He is a nationally known speaker and is a member of the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL), a group of mental health leaders around the world intended to share best practices and services.

Kathie Snell, M.A., LPC, Chief Operation Officer
Kathie joined the Center as Director of Child and Family Services in 2006 with 24 years of dedicated work in mental health.  With a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and as a Licensed Professional Counselor, she also currently serves as Children's Director for Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.  She is a member of several organizations centered around child and adolescent mental health.

Lori Banks, Chief Operation Officer, Community Crisis Connection
Lori Banks is the Chief Operating Officer for the Community Crisis Connection (CCC), a consortium comprised of six Denver/Boulder community mental health centers.  CCC provides crisis response services to nearly 3 million Coloradans in a nine-county region of the state.  For 13 years Lori was associated with the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan in Denver.  She began as a social worker on the admissions team, then advanced to clinical team leader in the aftercare and family care programs at the institute.  Lori holds a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Denver with a concentration on children, youth and families.  Lori brings a wealth of experience in the mental health and human services field to her present position.  Most recently, she served as the director of quality assurance and standards in the Division of Behavioral Health at the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Troy Bowman, Administrative Director
Troy joined the Center in 2014 with a background in nonprofit and administrative management.  Her previous positions include Director of Development for Colorado Youth at Risk, Director of Admissions for Bishop Machebeuf High School, and Director of Communications for Webb-Waring Institute of Cancer, Aging and Antioxidant Research.  Troy volunteers with several organizations and serves as the State Coordinator for Parent Heart Watch.

Dan Dawson, Chief Financial Officer
Dan joined the Center in 2006 with a wealth of knowledge and perspective from 40 years of financial and management experience. After college he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal where he planned and supervised foot bridge construction.  Working for the State of Alaska, Dan advanced from Contracts Officer to the state’s most senior Budget Analyst. In the private sector he has been an owner and CFO of companies in landscaping, hospitality, and manufacturing.   As a Finance Officer for the Peace Corps, Dan received a special award for innovation, leadership and training skills in developing budgeting and financial reporting systems for U.S. recruiting offices.

Antoinette Dow, M.P.H., Executive Director, Providers Resource Clearinghouse
Providers Resource Clearinghouse (PRC) is a nonprofit subsidiary of Aurora Mental Health Center. She is a native of Denver, Colorado.  She holds a Master's degree in Public Health and is a Licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant and a Registered Psychotherapist. She is also a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor for adult, youth and military classes.
She has worked in the field of Behavioral Health for more than 25 years and has been with Aurora Mental Health Center since 1992. She oversees all of the Vocational/Career Development Services for Aurora Mental Health Center. She manages our Home & Office retail furniture store which is open to the public and provides training/employment opportunities. Antoinette also mentors new occupational therapists helping expand their knowledge in mental health.

Leslie Winter, M.D., Medical Director
Leslie is a board certified Psychiatrist and Neurologist who came to the Center from private practice in 2005 attracted by the Center's commitment to excellent patient care, visionary programs, and the stimulating team environment.  Leslie has spent many years studying different cultures around the world and is a perfect fit for the City of Aurora's multicultural demographics. Leslie's interest in the complexities of the human mind with a special interest in neuroscience and the biological aspects of psychiatry, makes her a valuable asset as our Medical Director. .

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