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Importance of Sleep for Mental Wellness

We’ve all been asked if we’re getting enough sleep or how did we sleep. Whether it’s a friend, loved one, or doctor asking, sleep is something we all need. However, some factors can disrupt sleep.

Such as what we eat, drink, light, if we are feeling depressed or anxious or if we’re experiencing pain, to name some.

Because sleep is an integral part of our lives and helps create mental and physical wellness, there are things we can do to develop healthy sleep habits even when we have unforeseen factors affecting our lives. Life during a pandemic, to name one.

Limit what you eat and drink before bed, especially foods that could cause indigestion.

Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine. Alcohol also poses a problem and is so often used by many to help them fall asleep. However, the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School advises, “ingesting more than one or two drinks shortly before bedtime has been shown to cause increased awakenings—and in some cases insomnia—due to the arousal effect the alcohol has as it is metabolized later in the night.”

Making the space where you sleep a positive is also a significant consideration. If possible cool the room to help, as extreme temperatures can disrupt sleep. Turn off light sources, including cell phones and TV screens. A comfortable mattress and pillow are also ideal.

Regular exercise also promotes sleep quality, and establishing a bedtime routine that works for you with relaxing activities is essential.

Take a bath or shower. Drink a cup of tea. Read a book. Take time for you to wind down from the day.

Set a bedtime and stick to it as best as possible. Try to avoid upsetting conversations or activities before going to sleep. Creating positive sleep routines, leading to good sleep, will help to refresh and revitalize.

If you are going through a tough time, having trouble sleeping, struggling with depression and anxiety, Aurora Mental Health Center is here to help.

Call us at 303.617.2300, option 2 to speak with a mental health professional.

Habla en vivo con un terepeuta, 303-617-2300, opcion 2. Lunes – Viernes, 8am to 4pm.

If you need immediate help, our Connect2Care clinic is available for walk-in mental health care or call 303-617-2300 to schedule an appointment.

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