AYO is a prevention program that receives referrals from the community for youth in middle and high school in need of supportive resources. AYO Youth Specialists meet with the youth and family to complete an interview and screening that identifies risk and protective factors, interests, and needs. They use the information to identify resources in the community, from art classes and sports, to unique opportunities that are a good fit for the youth and family. Our specialists help youth and family navigate systems and connect with these resources, with the ultimate goal of building skills and contributing to positive youth development.

AYO also provides mentoring, substance abuse resistance programs and academic tutoring.

Training Program students learn to engage with youth and families, conduct basic interviewing and assist youth and families in connecting to resources. They will have the ability to work directly with youth and families as well as community partners. Opportunities may vary from year to year, depending on specific programming at AYO.

Student Placement Availability and Requirements: 

Undergraduate students interested in working with youth, learning about Positive Youth Development, and building on protective factors in a prevention program are encouraged to apply.

Please apply below if you are interested in this program. You can choose as many programs as you like in the application process.