Hampden Academy Adolescent Day Treatment Program

Hampden Academy provides comprehensive educational and therapeutic services in a day treatment setting, serving students with special education needs, mental health diagnoses, and/or complex trauma in 8th to 12th grade throughout the Denver metro area.

Services include group, individual, and family therapy along with educational, provided by highly qualified special education teachers. Our students participate in a variety of educational, therapeutic, and community-based programming. In addition to basic core academic classes, students participate in life skills, career exploration, and transitional services classes. Students earn high school credits while attending Hampden Academy. Our goal is to help students and families learn, establish, and build life-long skills to support returning to a public school setting.

All day treatment program staff are trained in and utilize the Trauma Systems Therapy Model.

Hampden Academy hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Student Placement Availability and Requirements:

We accept Masters level first and second year graduate students in the fields of Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy. There are no doctoral-level graduate externs at this time.

When we accept undergraduate students, they work in the therapeutic classrooms providing milieu management with supported learning in areas of crisis management, trauma and mental health in children. We often have summer internships available.

First year graduate students will be supported in a milieu management experience with the opportunity to co-lead therapy groups and assist with crises. Students start to learn what mental health and trauma can look like in children. Therapy experience may be available depending on the experience the student has prior to the internship. The time commitment is 16 hours per week.

For internship ready/concentration year graduate students, they are expected to be able to provide therapy to children and families with support and supervision and to help in the classroom, crisis management and to lead and co-lead therapy groups. Some evening hours to meet family needs for therapy sessions. The time commitment is 20 hours per week.

All students who accept a training placement must submit to, and pass, these required background checks: Aurora Mental Health Center; Department of Human Services Child Abuse and Neglect; Colorado Bureau of Investigation; and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Please apply below if you are interested in this program. You can choose as many programs as you like in the application process.