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Forensics provides services for individuals convicted of domestic violence, sexual offending, and DUI, as well as other types of crimes. Domestic Violence and Sex offense Specific treatment are provided under, and abide by each of these board’s Standards and Guidelines. Driving Under the Influence services are provided to individuals requiring DUI Level II Education, and/or DUI Level I Therapy. Also offered is Anger Management (whether or not they have had legal involvement as a result), and substance abuse treatment with a focus on relapse prevention. This team conducts sex offense specific evaluations, both in-custody, and in our offices, and sexual arousal assessments (Abel, PPG).

Students have the opportunity under supervision to co-facilitate groups, conduct intake assessments, provide individual treatment and case management, conduct evaluation sand can observe arousal assessments.

This team exists within the Division of Adult Forensic Services. Their mission is to ensure appropriate intervention is provided to the referred individual, while partnering with state and local agencies in supporting community safety, and preventing future victims. The Offenders Group was created in the 1980s by AuMHC staff, with the goal of supporting individuals without a serious mental illness but who, by the nature of their legal conviction, demonstrate that behavioral intervention is needed. Individuals referred by supervising officers and agencies receive intervention focused on cognitive and behavioral change. The aim is to decrease the likelihood of repeating offending behaviors and recidivism, increasing individual and public safety.

Student Placements Available and Requirements: Advanced Standing or Second Year students. Availability during evening hours will be necessary in order to facilitate group sessions.

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