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Adolescent Day Treatment Program

Since 1985, Hampden Academy Adolescent Day Treatment has offered a wide variety of culturally sensitive,community based services to high school students and their families in the greater Denver Metro area.Our mission is to promote the empowerment of youth through non-traditional academics, social, and life skills experiences in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

Students attend Hampden Academy Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00 amto 3:05 pm and Wednesday from 8:00 amto 12:30 pm. The day includes academic work in a classroom setting as well as a variety of comprehensive treatment services. The treatment services include, but are not limited to, group, individual and family therapy, medication management, and social  and life skills development.Our goal is to provide our students with the necessary skills to make positive, healthy life choices.

Our program is based on the development of relationships.We are a small community and want students to feel a sense of belonging and to take pride in what they can contribute. Hampden Academy uses a Positive Peer Program, or “P3”, approach to our community. This is a program in which students help promote each other’s strengths and positive leadership abilities, while encouraging everyone’s participation and investment in the program. It is a “student governed community, supported by staff.”

Student Placements Available and Requirements: Masters Level Students in the fields of Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy; First and Second Year Students

Various treatment models and interventions will be used to address and manage mental health based on the needs of the student and family. These services focus on, but are not limited to: self-advocacy, body image, self-esteem, culture, self-confidence, skill building, healthy relationships, leadership, strengths, managing boundaries, assertiveness, goal setting, assessing values,  e empowerment, and social skills. The student intern will coordinate all of the services for the student. He/she will remain in regular contact with the rest of the student’s treatment team including guardians/family members, Educational Staff, Case Manager, Human Services Caseworker, Juvenile Probation Officers, Medical Providers, and any other party deemed appropriate. The Therapist will assess the students’ progress and prepare monthly progress reports for all parties involved.

All students who accept a training placement must submit to, and pass, these required background checks: Aurora Mental Health Center; Department of Human Services Child Abuse and Neglect; Colorado Bureau of Investigation; and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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