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For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.

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Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked about our services.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health, substance use, or emotional crisis, call 844-493-8255 to speak directly with a mental health counselor 24/7/365.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

If you need to talk and would like to speak directly with a mental health professional please call 303-617-2300, option 2 to reach out Support Line, which is available every day from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday – Friday.

Habla en vivo con un terepeuta. (303) 617-2300, opcion 2. Lunes – Viernes, 8am to 4pm.

Can I schedule an appointment to begin therapy at Aurora Mental Health Center (AuMHC)?

You have multiple options in beginning treatment with AuMHC.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 303-617-2300.

You can complete a mental health screening over the phone by calling 303-617-2300, choosing the Connect2Care option.

Our Connect2Care Clinic is open for walk-ins at 791 Chambers Road, Aurora, so you can begin your care with AuMHC immediately. We do encourage you to call 303-617-2300 if possible, to ensure we can connect you to proper care options.

What insurances do you accept?

AuMHC accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most other major insurances. Please contact us if you have questions about whether your specific carrier or plan provides coverage for mental health services.

What should I bring with me when I go to the Connect to Care Center?

Please bring your photo ID and your insurance card. If you don’t have insurance, please bring proof of address and a document that verifies your annual income.

If you are bringing a child, you will be asked to attest that you have authorization for medical decision-making for the child. Please bring any court documents or other legal authorization if this situation applies to your family.

If possible, please fill out new patient forms provided here.

Where is the center located and what are the hours?

We are located in North Aurora at 791 Chambers Road.

The hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday. It is recommended to arrive two hours prior to closing to allow providers with the time to help you effectively.

How old do I have to be to sign up for my own therapy?

In Colorado, minors 12 and older can consent to their own treatment without their parents being present under most circumstances. We do request that parents most are for children ages 12 to 18 if their treatment involves prescription medication.

Can I receive medication services at the Connect to Care Center?

Medication services are provided upon referral to the Psychiatry Access Clinic (PAC) after the completion of a thorough evaluation of your mental health needs.

What can I expect the first time I call?

We understand that explaining your situation can be uncomfortable. Please understand that helping you is our top priority and we will make the experience as reassuring and stress-free as possible.

Questions a mental health professional asks you may include: What prompted you to call today? How long has this been going on? Have you ever had treatment for this before? Was the treatment helpful?

Can you require my adult family member to get treatment?

We are unable to require anyone to participate in therapy with us. However, we can talk with you about how to approach your loved one and encourage them to seek help.

Can I require my child to receive treatment?

Parents and legal guardians have the authority to bring their child in for treatment. However, therapy will only be effective if the child is willing and able to participate. Our therapists are happy to talk to children at their first appointment about how therapy works to try to ease some of their anxiety about meeting with a therapist.

Please contact us at 303-617-2300 with any additional questions. 

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