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Therapeutic programs and wellness classes are available to adults with a mental illness, or to anyone needing a little guidance on improving their sense of well-being and contentment. Treatment can relieve mental health symptoms, prevent long-term difficulties, and give individuals the opportunity to grow, enjoy a better quality of life, or simply learn more about themselves.

If you have questions about the services below or would like to set up an appointment, please call 303.617.2300.

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  • Community resources and benefits
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  • Medication assessment and management

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Outpatient services are provided to individuals experiencing complications because of substance use. Services are strength-base, customer focus and recovery driven. Our services utilize evidence based practices and are designed to evaluate and encourage customers while helping them achieve their recovery goals

Intensive programs that provide daily, specialized support to adults with a severe and persistent mental illness, while maintaining ties to their family and community. Services incorporate case management, vocational, residential, psychiatric, substance abuse, and counseling services, all of which may be used to build and maintain recovery over the long term, or for shorter-term stabilization. These services are available via referral from any department in Aurora Mental Health Center.

  • Community Living Program (CLP) provides a high frequency and wide variety of services designed to build recovery in mental health, and to foster community integration. These services may include individual and group therapy, vocational support, outreach, medication monitoring, case management, and residential treatment.
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team works with clients requiring a high-level of community-based care, including benefits support, individual therapy, medication management, housing placement, vocational counseling, and representative payee ship. ACT serves those clients most at-risk for frequent and long-term hospitalization, in order to remain successful in the community.
  • Aurora Center for Life Skills (ACLS) offers a range of treatment services (including individual and group therapy) and resources to adults with a developmental disability and a mental illness. Treatment is specialized and adapted to meet the needs of individuals with a developmental disability, and to assist them with managing mental health symptoms. Consultation, assessment, and education services around mental health treatment are also available.
  • Vocational Services include employment, education, and formal training opportunities. The program supports internal employment opportunities as well as community-based and/or private sector job placements. These services are supported by collaborations with the Colorado Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), A/D Works! and the Educational Opportunity Center (EOC).

Affordable wellness groups covering a wide range of issues and open to anyone wanting to improve their sense of well-being, quality of life, and relationships. Anger management, coping with loss, women’s wellness, creating happiness, and relaxation techniques are just some of the many topics.

Services provided to individuals referred by courts and probation departments.

Programs that help adults with a mental illness improve their ability to live as independently as possible. They may be used in sequence as a gradual continuum for a transition toward community integration.

  • Aurora Veterans Home is a 15-bed facility serving honorably discharged veterans struggling with homelessness, substance use disorder, and mental health issues. This program is open to veterans who are eligible for and referred through the Grant and Per Diem program from the Veterans Administration.
    Download Aurora Veterans Home Brochure
  • Mrachek House is temporarily closed due to COVID19. When open it is a division of Developmental Disabilities is an approved group home that provides a comfortable and relaxed environment, and specialized skills training for persons with a developmental disability and a mental illness. Staff assists individuals with achieving therapeutic goals/recovery and work toward community living. It is an 8-bed setting and is staffed 24-hours a day.
  • John Thomas House is a home-like setting helping adults move toward independent living in the community.

  • The TRUST Project: Treatment, Recovery, and Understanding for Survivors of Trauma: Offers individual and group mental health recovery treatment for adults experiencing mental health symptoms as a result of interpersonal trauma such as sexual assault, domestic violence, and physical assault.
  • Projects to Assist in the Transition from Homelessness (PATH): This program provides intensive case management and mental health services to indigent and homeless adults in Aurora. Clients are assisted with benefits acquisition as well as getting linked to medical care, vocational training, and housing support.
    Download PATH brochure
  • Substance Use Programming: East Metro Detox & Recovery (EMD&RS), provides monitored, safe, supportive withdrawal management services in a social detox setting, 24/7/365 days a year, to adults 18 and older. Other services include Outpatient Treatment, serving adults who are experiencing complications due to substance use. Services are strength-based, customer-focused and recovery-driven. Our services utilize evidence-based practices and are designed to evaluate and encourage customers while helping them achieve their recovery goals. For additional information and locations, please contact us at 303.923.6888.

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