Comprehensive and innovative learning.

Providing students with the tools they need to thrive.

Life-changing, non-traditional academic and treatment services.

Providing students with the tools they need to thrive.

Comprehensive and innovative learning.

Life-changing, non-traditional academic and treatment services.

Acceptance, Compassion and Safety

Metro Children’s Center and Hampden Academy are day treatment programs serving all-gendered students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

During their time with our programs students and families learn life-long skills to manage behaviors, cope with strong emotions, understand post-traumatic stress, manage behavioral health symptoms, get along with others and meet educational challenges.

We provide a culture of safety and acceptance by believing in the strengths of students and their families. We promote growth through empowerment, compassion, and challenge in a therapeutic and educational environment..

Our programs are licensed as Approved Facility Schools through the Colorado Department of Education and Day Treatment Programs through the State of Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health.

  • Education is provided in small class settings with a maximum capacity of 16 students.
  • High school students earn academic credits, which are transferable.
  • Innovative programs taught by qualified, state licensed teachers.
  • Programs work collaboratively with local school districts.
  • Students may receive Special Education services.
  • All students participate in weekly individual and group therapy.
  • Metro Children’s Center partners with New York University to implement Trauma Systems Therapy in individual and family therapy.
  • Hampden Academy is a student-governed community supported by staff.
  • Family members participate in ongoing sessions with educational and therapeutic staff as needed.
  • We provide our students with experiential outdoor learning activities such as a ropes course, camping and winter sports.
  • Students participate in weekly community-based learning such as educational and recreational outings and activities.



Community-Based Learning

Metro Children’s Center Day Treatment provides comprehensive educational and treatment services that address issues faced by elementary and middle school students and their families. We serve Aurora, the Denver metro area and eastern Colorado with the goal of helping students learn life-long skills to support them returning to their home schools.

We focus on:

• Literacy

• Math

• Science

• Social studies

Colorado Department of Education-approved classes are taught by highly qualified special education teachers in collaboration with the student’s home school district. Our program runs on a traditional calendar and the typical length of stay is one year. We also offer a 6-week summer program that helps students refine skills learned in the school year.

We partner with New York University’s Child Study Center to utilize Trauma Systems Therapy. Students participate in weekly individual therapy sessions as well as weekly family sessions to address a range of issues, from emotion regulation to medication management. The cost of a student’s stay may be covered by certain public programs, insurance or self-pay.

Core Values: Respectfulness, Responsibility, Caring, Cooperation

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Metro Children's Center

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10782 East Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Serving elementary and middle school students and their families

Metro Children's Center has done for my child and my family what no other organization has: provide end-to-end therapeutic support and guidance in a nonjudgmental and energized environment.


We know how a student’s cognitive and emotional challenges can impact the functioning of a family. Our team understands the barriers to school success and overall wellness faced by students who struggle with behavioral health issues.

Staff Member

Hampden Academy Adolescent Day Treatment offers a wide variety of culturally sensitive, community-based services to students in grades 8-12 and their families in the greater Denver metro area. Non-traditional educational, social and life skills experiences provided in collaboration with the student’s home school district include academic work in a classroom setting as well as a variety of treatments.

We focus on:

• Individual therapy

• Group therapy

• Family therapy

• Social and life skills development

We provide students with the necessary skills to make positive, healthy life choices through a Positive Peer Program and proven interventions such as computer-based Virtual Reality Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. The program is grounded in a trauma-informed perspective and treatments for traumatic stress are also available.

A student’s typical length of stay in our program varies from one semester (5 months) to a full school year, but we also offer a 6-week summer program focused on a successful transition back to the student’s home school in the fall. Certain public programs may cover some or all of the cost of a student’s stay. Insurance and self-pay are other possible payment options.

Core Values: Responsibility, Compassion, Honesty, Grit

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Hampden Academy

14301 East Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80014

Serving students in grades 8-12 and their families

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Metro Children's Center and Hampden Academy are programs of Aurora Mental Health Center.