Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices

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Compliance Hotline

To report any compliance issues, including fraud, waste, or abuse, please call our Compliance Hotline at 303-627-2060.  You do not need to give your name.

Organized Health Care Arrangement (OHCA)

Aurora Mental Health Center and Metro Community Provider Network have agreed to form and to enter into an organized health care arrangement (Integrated Care OHCA) for the purposes of treatment, payment, and health care operations in order to better address your health care needs.

How We Will Use and Give Your Health Information:

The Integrated Care OHCA members have agreed to participate as an clinically integrated care setting where patients may receive health care services from more than one providers or in a joint arrangement conduct at least one of the following joint activities:

  • utilization review
  • quality assessment and improvement activities, or
  • payment activities.

Aurora Mental Health Center Sliding Scale and Standard Rates for the Top 15 Billing Codes

AuMHC accepts most major commercial insurance. We do not discriminate in the provision of services based on ability to pay, whether payment for those services would be made under Medicare, Medicaid, or CHP. No one is denied access to services due to their inability to pay.

If you do not have insurance, we offer sliding scale rates to individuals who qualify based on Federal Poverty Guidelines of family size and income. The Sliding Fee Scale** (also referred to as the Fee Schedule) is applied uniformly, consistently, and without prejudice. The AuMHC Standard Rates for the top 15 services provided at AuMHC, as well as the Sliding Fee Scale, are posted below. Final determination of sliding fee scale is through AuMHC and the below is for approximate fees only.

How to find your fee: Find your annual household income in the first table below on the row with your number of household members. (Keep in mind that when we say “household”, we mean anyone that you would file taxes with, even if you don’t typically file taxes. This could include a spouse, parent, child, or any dependent.) This identifies your Self-Pay Level. Then, find your fees in the second chart below based on your Self-Pay Level.

Number of Household MembersCombined Annual Income
Level 5
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
1$56,001 and up$50,001 - $56,000$44,001 - $50,000$38,000 - $44,000$17,001 - $37,999$0 – $17,000
2$75,001 and up$67,001 - $75,000$58,001 – 67,000$51,000 - $58,000$23,001 – 50,9990 - $23,000
3$97,001 and up$87,001 - $97,000$76,001 - $87,000$65,000 - $76,000$29,001 – $64,999$0 – 29,000
4$116,001 and up$99,001 - $116,000$91,001 - $99,000$78,000 - $91,000$35,001 – $77,999$0 - $35,000
5$137,001 and up$122,001 - $137,000$107,001 - $122,000$92,000 - $107,000$41,001 - $91,999$0 – $41,000
Top 15 Services Provided at AuMHCSliding Fee Scale
ServicesSTANDARD RATES*Self-Pay Level 5Self-Pay Level 4Self-Pay Level 3Self-Pay Level 2Self-Pay Level 1
Intake Assessment$256.00$192.00$128.00$64.00$12.50$5.00
Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation for Medication$288.00$216.00$144.00$72.00$12.50$5.00
Individual Therapy 38 – 52 mins$177.00$132.75$88.50$44.25$12.50$5.00
Family Psychotherapy w/Patient$222.00$166.50$111.0$55.50$12.50$5.00
Group Therapy$50.00$37.50$25.00$12.50$12.50$5.00
Psychiatric Medication Management 99212$52.00$39.00$26.00$13.00$12.50$5.00
Psychiatric Medication Management 99213$104.00$78.00$52.00$26.00$12.50$5.00
Psychiatric Medication Management 99214$160.00$120.00$80.00$40.00$12.50$5.00
Alcohol/Drug Assessment$256.00$192.00$128.00$64.00$12.50$5.00
Behavioral Health Counseling$66.00$49.50$33.00$16.50$12.50$5.00
Alcohol/Drug Counseling Group$101.00$75.75$50.50$25.25$12.50$5.00
Behavioral Health Prevention/Education Group$46.00$34.50$23.00$11.50$12.50$5.00
Mental Health Assessment, Non-Physician$225.00$168.75$112.50$56.25$12.50$5.00
Crisis Service$85.00$63.75$42.50$21.25$12.50$5.00
Targeted Case Management$43.00$32.25$21.50$10.75$12.50$5.00

* Standard rates as of 7/1/2020

**The sliding scale rates do not apply to medications, vaccines, and laboratory services as they are provided by other companies.

Reporting Fraud, Abuse, or Waste

Aurora Mental Health Center and Subsidiaries (AuMHC) are committed to the highest levels of quality and ethical standards and to ensuring that all its business is conducted in compliance with Federal, State and local laws and within applicable regulatory guidelines.

Aurora Mental Health Center and Subsidiaries maintains mechanisms to prevent, detect, investigate and correct incidents of Fraud, Waste and Abuse in accordance with contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements.

Employees and contractors of AuMHC shall be educated on false claims acts and the roles such laws play in preventing and detecting fraud, waste and abuse in governmental health care programs.

Aurora Mental Health Center and Subsidiaries will take appropriate disciplinary action against employees, providers, subcontractors, consultants, and agents found to have violated AuMHC policies or the Code of Conduct and/or committed fraud, waste or abuse.

Policy and Procedure: Fraud, Abuse, and Waste Detection, Reporting, Investigating, and Correction Policy