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Contributing to building a safe and healthy community requires AuMHC to not only provide services to those who come to our doors, but also to reach out into the community for prevention and early intervention efforts. We do this in a number of ways. Contact us to get involved or to offer additional suggestions.

With this program, community members can arrange for an expert on social, emotional and behavioral health, stress or trauma, mental illness, and recovery or other related topics to come and speak, present, or train in your organization or group.

Mental Health First Aid is a parallel training to Red Cross First Aid that focuses on how an untrained but concerned co-worker, friend, or family member can take first steps to recognize and support someone who may be experiencing symptoms related to a mental health concern. We offer certified instructors for this eight-hour training. It can be presented to your group or you can attend one of our scheduled sessions.

Available to parents and childcare providers in Aurora to help a young child who may be having trouble in their childcare setting.

This program trains family, teachers, and other caring adults to recognize behaviors in young people that may indicate a concern and provides guidance on how to address the situation. When a young person is referred, AYO uses the Communities that Care screening to identify their strengths, interests, and needs. The program then follows up by supporting the person and their family in accessing resources specifically tailored for them. AYO Mentoring connects young people with higher levels of need to a caring volunteer adult mentor and supports the mentor in developing a positive relationship with them.

The Older Adult team reaches out to nursing homes in the area to support the behavioral health needs of staff and to educate staff on social, emotional, and behavioral support for older adults.

These providers meet people in their health and educational settings, offering information about social, emotional, and behavioral health and providing support and brief interventions in these settings.These providers can also help people connect with further care when needed.

STRIVE is a program that offers programming to assist the community in substance use prevention through varied evidence-supported curricula. This includes Botvin LifeSkills. STRIVE also has a youth leadership group and is guided by a community board.

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