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By some estimates, 20-40% of primary care patients are in need of behavioral health services. Individuals struggling with mental health problems like depression and anxiety frequently seek treatment from their primary care provider. In fact, research shows that 50% of behavioral health problems are treated within the primary care setting. For other patients who may be struggling with medical conditions, mental health problems, stress, and other psychosocial issues may make it challenging to manage their physical health and well-being.

Aurora Mental Health Center serves our community within the primary care setting, connecting with those patients who might otherwise not have their behavioral health needs met. The Integrated Care team at Aurora Mental Health Center partners with Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN), Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (RMYC), and Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHCO) to provide behavioral health services within our partners’ centers. Our team of behavioral health specialists:

  • Provide consultation to medical providers
  • Evaluate and assess behavioral health concerns
  • Provide screenings, referrals, brief interventions and education, brief therapy, crisis, and case management services

Behavioral health providers work closely with the patient’s medical team to ensure the multiple needs of the patient are being addressed. The goals of the Integrated Care team are to increase access to behavioral health services, reduce the stigma associated with mental health care, increase patient satisfaction, reduce healthcare costs, and improve overall health outcomes.

The MCPN Chambers Hope Health and Wellness Center

The MCPN Chambers Hope, Health, and Wellness Center is a highly integrated, primary care center co-located with AuMHC’s Adult Intensive Services teams. In partnership with Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN), and with the goal of improving the physical health status of people with mental illnesses and addictions, it supports adult clients at AuMHC by providing:

  • Improved access to primary care services
  • Improved prevention, early identification, and intervention to reduce the incidence of serious physical illnesses, including chronic disease
  • Increased availability of integrated, holistic care for physical and behavioral disorders
  • Better overall health status of clients

The multi-disciplinary team made up of a primary care provider, medical assistants, behavioral health providers, a care coordinator, and a health navigator supports:

  • Close coordination between a client’s mental health team and integrated care team
  • Individualized wellness plans and reports to track progress on wellness goals
  • Linkages to specialty care
  • Patient education and promotion of self-management
  • A variety of wellness groups and services including:
    • Coping with Chronic Pain
    • Weight Loss (STRIDE)
    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)
    • Cooking classes through partnership with Cooking Matters
    • Dental services through partnership with Dental Lifeline Network

Fitness Center

Exercise is a great way to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Improve mood
  • Improve confidence
  • Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Control weight
  • Reduce risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Improve bone strength
  • Enhance quality of life

Physical activity has been found to be effective in improving mental health symptoms, reducing the number of mental health episodes and the need for additional mental health services.

The Aurora Mental Health Fitness Center was created to help clients improve overall health and wellness through physical activity. Fitness Center staff partner with clients as well as providers at Aurora Mental Health Center to help build awareness of the link between behavioral and physical health. The Fitness Center maintains high quality exercise equipment for a diverse range of strength and cardiovascular activities.

Clients are welcome to work out individually or with our certified personal trainer, available at no cost to them. Clients are encouraged to set fitness goals that support their mental health goals. All exercise programs are customized to the individual client’s objectives and abilities.

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Fitness Room

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